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 कॅल्गरी मराठी असोसिएशन आपले स्वागत करीत आहे.
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  •  To preserve and promote Marathi Culture in Calgary and surrounding area for generations to come.
  •  To acquire Charitable status by supporting relief of Poverty, advancement of Education, advancement of Religion and other purposes that benefit the community.


  • To support the spirit of Multiculturalism in Canada and invite other Canadians to participate in CMA functions to familiarize with the Marathi Culture.
  • To acquaint Young generation of the cultural heritage of India in general and of Maharashtra in particular, through various activities (like conducting Educational sessions, Art sessions, fitness sessions in Camping, etc.)
  • To bring all persons speaking Marathi language and/or others interested in the promotion of Marathi language.
  • To encourage and promote Maharashtrian culture, tradition, and festivities.
  • To support relief of poverty by arranging various charitable activities like food bank drives, raising medical fund, bottle drives, etc. 
BOOK YOUR DATE DASSERA (show me program details)
Date: 23rd September
Time: 6:00 pm till 10:30 pm
Venue: St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Congregation
404 Meredith Road N.E. Calgary, Alberta T2E 5A6
 Next upcoming events DIWALI
Date: 28th Oct (Sat)
Chinese cultural center Calgary
197 1 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 4M4

The Product/Ticket line for Dassera event is available. The last date for purchasing the tickets will be at 11:59 pm on Sept 21st.
Please hurry up for the tickets, We may close ticket line before time because of over response and Venue limitations

Dassera event tickets are OPEN now.


Note: Become a CMA member to purchase event tickets