Namskar Mandali,

Are you ready for the most energetic and fun event of the year. It’s time for Dandia, DJ, Garba, Kojagiri Bhondla and Anand Melava on Saturday 1st of October 5:30pm onwards.

Save the date!!

Date: October 1st, 2022
Time: 5:30 pm onwards
Venue: 404 Meredith Rd NE
Calgary, AB T2E 5A6


 Event Timelines 
5:30 pm Registration opens, doors open
6:00 pm Inauguration, Devi arati, Bhondla program, Garba and Dandiya on DJ
10:30 pm Closure


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So come one come all, with family and friends. Don’t miss out on a fun evening and make sure you purchase the tickets before September 28th 2022. Please note this event is for all ages.


Program Rates
Members – General : $10 per person
Non-Members: $15 per person
Kids age 4 yrs and under are free. 

कॅल्गरी मराठी असोसिएशन नवरात्री उत्सव व कोजागिरी भोंडला या पर्वकाळाची संधी साधून आपल्या सर्वांसाठी गरबा, दांडिया आणि भोंडला असे कार्यक्रम घेऊन येतो आहे.  २८ सप्टेंबर पर्यंत अत्यल्प दरात तिकिटांची विक्री सुरु राहणार आहे.
त्याचबरोबर या कार्यक्रमात “आनंद मेळाव्याचा” आस्वादहि सर्वांना घेता येणार आहे म्हणजेच आपल्या घरगुती व्यवसायास प्रोत्साहन देण्याकरीत छोट्या प्रमाणावर आपण व्यावसायिक स्टॉल लावणार आहोत.

Vendor Registration forms for Anand MelavaLink here
We are looking for interested members or non-members of CMA willing to participate in the “Anand Melava” where you can sell interesting goods and yummy food to the crowd of 250 people.

  • One table will be assigned to each stall. We have only 5 food stalls and 5 goods stall spots to fill.
  • Food can be homemade, less-messy and sufficient for minimum 40 people. The price for your plate should be $10 max (including cutlery if any). For example pakode, sandwich, pani puri, idli-chutney, pav-bhaji etc.
  • Other goods like jewelry, toys, artifacts etc. can be sold at minimal prizes not more that $20 each
  • A WhatsApp group will be maintained to communicate within all interested participants.
  • A basic fees for the stall installation is required for completing the registration as an Interac transfer at
    Member stall : $25
    Non-member stall: $50

महत्त्वाच्या सूचना :

  • Nominations for CMA EC team 2023:

पुढील वर्षीच्या म्हणजेच २०२३ च्या कमेटी साठी उमेदवारांची नोंदणी आज पासूनच सुरु होत आहे. जेणेकरून नवीन CMA EC 2023 ची निवडणूक डिसेंबर मधील AGM meeting मध्ये पार पाडता येईल. आपल्या मंडळाचा वारसा चालवण्यासाठी Calgary Marathi Association ची धुरा सांभाळायची जबरदस्त इच्छा शक्ती असणाऱ्या स्वयंसेवकांनी खालील फॉर्म वर नक्की नोंदणी करावी.  Nomination Form link

Last date to purchase your tickets September 28, 2022

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