CMA  Marathi Shaala

CMA Marathi Shala (School)

  • Offers Marathi language courses at three of our campuses (NW, NE, SW).
  • The Brihan Maharashtra Mandal (BMM) syllabus recognized across North America.
  • In 2019, there were 75+ students across all three branches learning Marathi speaking, writing and reading. The course is valued at $550/year but is free for CMA Members.

CMA Marathi Shaala 2022-2023 Registration (Closed)

New registration for 2023-2024 will open in September 2023

Valid 2023 and 2024 membership and login is required.

Marathi Shala Online Campus

Schools are FREE. Parents who are interested and committed can register their child by filling up Google form when 2023 and 2024 registration will be open.


Calgary has a growing Marathi population and to cater to our community requirements, amazing volunteers have opened their hearts and homes to teach Marathi language & culture to our young generation.

As we all know, this is a voluntary work, and no fees are charged to the students. Following are some of the expectations for availing this facility:

1. This school is available for CMA members only. So, if you have not yet bought the membership, please get in touch with any of the CMA office bearers or visit to buy the membership.

2. Parents’ (and students’) commitment is required for the success of this program. This includes drop off and pick up your kids on time to respect the teachers’ time commitment.

3. Lastly and most importantly, help the students complete the homework and practice on a regular basis.
This program fully aligns with BMM (Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal of North America) Marathi syllabus. Annual exams may be administered for qualifying students at the end of the school year and certificate of completion will be awarded to successful students.


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