Dear All,
Calgary Marathi Association welcomes all the enthusiastic members of the community. We thank every one of you for heart warming appreciation of our 13th February program and your valuable feedback.
Lets continue to cherish memorable moments yet another night of celebration , the ‘Marathi New Year – Gudhi Padwa’

Our ‘Paalavi’ youth group is holding a Food drive on Gudhi padwa event, Non perishable items are most welcome and appreciated to support their food bank.
Please check this link for the list of food items that can be accepted as a food bank donation :

Are you a Member?
If not, please purchase Membership in a separate order to take advantage of Member pricing. If you are a current Member please login. Only Members can see “Member” priced tickets in addition to “Guest” tickets.
Program Rates
Members (Age 12 & up): $20 per person
Child/Sr Citizen Members/New Comers (Age 5 – 12): $15 per person
Non-Members (Age 5 & up): $30 per person
Kids under 5 age are free. 
Members price ticket deadline:  12th April 2016
Event date : 15th April 2016 Friday
Event Time : 6:30 pm – 11:30 pm  (In spite of our efforts from Nov 2015 , we could not get a Saturday in April. We apologies for the inconvenience)
Venue: St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Congregation, 404 Meredith Road N.E., Calgary, Alberta T2E 5A6
Ticket due date is 12th April 2016 and there will be flat rate of $35 per ticket after 12th April.
Please note there is a Annual General meeting also scheduled before Gudhi Padwa event between
6.45 pm to 7.30 pm
Event tickets available from 7th March. Please purchase your tickets before 12th April.
We encourage all our talented artists to come forward with their talent . Please register your performances before 8th April.
Contact email:
Please include :
Performers Names with age
Performers Director (also a point of contact):
Description in one sentence please.

Come join us to celebrate “GUDHI PADWA” together !!!!!

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