Event Meeting Location:
The Mustard Seed Shelter
7025 44 St. SE Calgary, AB T2C 4E8
Paalavi Committee organized a volunteering program for youths at ‘The Mustard Seed Shelter – Kitchen’
on Sunday, Aug 27 th from 4 to 8:30 pm.
We had to restrict to 10 youth volunteers (per the Mustard Seed policy) to support the Kitchen duty. The
activities were divided into 2 subsets:

Set 1 (4 to 6:30 pm): Dinner Prep and Cleaning
Volunteers worked alongside of the Mustard Seed kitchen team to help prepare evening meal for their
guests. This included making salad, shredding grilled chicken, grilling pork patty, buttering buns,
chopping vegetables, making potato and sweet potato wedges, filling rice pudding cups, jams etc. The
group also helped tidy the kitchen before the dinner service began.

Set 2 (6:30 to 8:30): Dinner Service
The Mustard Seed meals were served in a cafeteria style. Volunteers helped to plate the meals to allow
guests to come up and take them, as well as checking meal tickets and bussing tables as needed.
Kudos to our youth volunteers who managed the task of serving around 250 homeless guests, modestly
and were willing to volunteer for another such program!

Special thanks to the adult volunteers from CMA EC 2017 – Mr. Akhil Deshpande (President, CMA) and
Mr. Nikhil Achrekar (Secretary, CMA) to support our youths in this program.

Paalavi Committee will be announcing the final youth volunteering event for this year. Details will follow

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