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CMA annual Membership details

  • CMA Single Membership: $20
  • CMA Couple Membership: $40
  • CMA Family Membership: $50
  • CMA Senior Membership: $20

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Unity is Our Strength !!  ऐक्य ही आपली शक्ती आहे.

Over the last 25 plus years, Calgary Marathi Association is running successfully as a non-profit organization with your support and thousands of volunteering hours.
Do you know we are an organization that provides a wide variety of opportunities beyond a social and cultural platform? As, a responsible community organization, we believe in giving back to the community and society at large.

This is what the CALGARY MARATHI ASSOCIATION (CMA) does every year:

  • Our Samadhan Club for Seniors involves parents and senior members of the family.Senior members network and get together for physical events such as bowling as well as outdoor and social events. Aaji and Aajoba (Grandmother and Grandfather) develop new friends when they attend Samadhan fun-filled events. This helps them integrate better and improves their mental and physical well-being.
  • Marathi Shala (School) offers Language courses in both SW and NW campus. NW Campus follows Brihan Maharashtra Mandal syllabus recognized across North America. Knowledge is powerful and sharpens the minds of young ones. This effort has been ongoing for several years and a few waves have graduated from the Marathi Shala.
  • Paalavi Program focussed on our youths: Brings out volunteering and future leaders
  • Support New Immigrants:  The program provides a safe and supportive space to help newcomers: this helps break feelings of isolation, develop support networks, learn job search skills and gather information and resources
  • Conduct Educational training programs for all age groups by engaging professional speakers to guide members of the community in professional and self-development areas.
  • Participate and arrange numerous Charity Drives throughout the year
  • CMA LinkedIn and Facebook platform cater to your social and professional needs.
  • Our Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Subcommittees represent the community in all aspects of community needs such as developments – including future developments, Language concerns, Festival celebrations, Camping, Cricket tournament, Dance and Drama performances, Charity drives, Education sessions, Newsletter and the ability to liaise with other communities on a wide variety of concerns and issue.
  • AND Last but not the least, we also host cultural events in Calgary namely Gudhi Padwa, Ganeshotsav, Dassera (Dandiya) & Diwali and many more. CMA collaborates and partners with various Community associations for showcasing their talent.

Our volunteers work for 1000+ hours to conduct various charitable activities in the city throughout the year.

Calgary Marathi Community Association Membership Key Benefits

  • You and RESIDING members of your family can participate at a discounted rate at various events CMA organizes. In the year 2018 & 2017, CMA arranged 22+ events throughout the year.
  • Paalavi Program (Age 13-23) helps develop volunteers and future leaders
  • Helps younger generation to understand the significance of festivals and their cultural roots.
  • Opportunity for new immigrants to connect to a well-established community
  • Samadhan Club takes care of recreational needs of our Seniors
  • Marathi Language learning is available in both SW and NW campus. NW Campus follows Brihan Maharashtra Mandal syllabus recognized across North America
  • A Home Away from Home: Celebrate cultural functions with extended family and friend circles.
  • Access to the fun-filled entertaining cultural programs.
  • Provides a platform to showcase your talent in front of an audience of 200-600.
  • An opportunity to promote your business by enrolling in sponsorship programs at discounted rates.

Those who have not purchased a membership yet are required to obtain it to take part in the festivities, to vote at the Annual General Meetings or receive discount  in event fees. Community Memberships Expire December 31st every year.

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Your membership fees & event tickets support Calgary Marathi Association to strengthen the heritage, culture, festivities of the Marathi traditions and sustain themselves as a non-profit organization that is actively involved in the advancement of the Calgary community as a whole.
Join or renew your membership at Annual membership expires on Dec 31st, 2019.

We look forward to your active participation.