I am single, Can I become CMA member?
Yes, we encourage all to be part of CMA family and actively participate in all cultural programs
Do you conduct any activities for youth through CMA?
Yes we have been running successfully youth programs through PAALAVI.
I am new to Calgary and I wish to know more about Marathi community around city?
If you are new to Calgary, please contact CMA at info@cmacalgary.ca and we will help you with our community.
What are the benefits of PAALAVI membership?
PAALAVI has over 35 active youth members and they conduct various outdoor and indoor activities throughout the year. Your youth child get opportunity to display their leadership skills, receive career guidance from other senior members and also contribute to the community.
What is the membership charge for PAALAVI?
For CMA members PAALAVI membership is free of cost whereas CMA non-member will have to pay $5.00 to be a part of PAALAVI member.
How do I pay for membership?
CMA website has membership page where in you could pay for membership by through PayPal.
How do I pay for program tickets?
All program/event tickets can be purchased online from our website www.cmacalgary.ca.
Can I cancel my membership?
No, once membership fees are paid we cannot cancel your membership and all the membership payment made is non-refundable.
Do our parents need membership?
Your parents are considered as your family as long as they live in the same household. Please choose appropriate membership category by visiting membership page here.
Once I bought tickets online for specific program and do not wish to attend. Can I ask for refund?
Once tickets are purchased they are not refundable under any circumstances. However the tickets are transferrable and you are welcome to do so. It is important that CMA committee is informed in advance with names of people who will be attending the program on your behalf.
How do I register my email for getting regular update on CMA programs?
There are two ways you can register your email ID and contact information with CMA. One by becoming CMA member (visit CMA website now to become member) or by sending your information to CMA by email. CMA email address is: info@cmacalgary.ca
I want to register my youth son/ daughter in PAALAVI, where should I contact for the same?
If you are already registered as CMA member you just need to send email to info@cmacalgary.ca
I/we would like to perform in cultural events, how do I register for it?
All cultural programs are celebrated with performances. CMA will send email to all registered email ID well in advance to register your performance. Send an email to info@cmacalgary.ca with brief details in advance to CMA, before the deadlines.
I have a business which I would like to promote through CMA programs or website?
We welcome such request. Please email CMA at info@cmacalgary.ca for sponsorship info.
Can I take membership after due date?
Yes, see our membership rate schedule and timelines. Higher membership rates are applicable after due dates.
I have suggestion, where should I send it?
We encourage all the participant in community development. Please email us your suggestions at info@cmacalgary.ca.
I have taken a membership but did not register my guest /parents/ relative. Can they buy tickets at membership rates?
No, if they are not a registered as a part of your family during membership they will have to buy tickets on non-membership rates.
I wish to volunteer for the CMA programs?
We encourage all community members to actively participate and volunteer for the various activities. Without volunteers no program or event is successful and we request you to send us email with your details for volunteer support at info@cmacalgary.ca.
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